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Tied Flanges – Type ZS, Tie rods with outer limitation in rubber bushings

DDC-V 50 SS F, DDC-K 50 blue (f. AdBlue)

Ship loading with high aromatic content fuel > 50%

UTS 150 hose assembly

Slimline 16 red

Quality petrol pump hose for gasoline and diesel fuels. Also suitable for fuels with ethanol content up to E 85 and Biodiesel up to B 30 ( BIO Type up to B 100 ). Meets weights and measures regulations, see overleaf. Cold flexible down to - 30° C / - 22° F ( LT-type down to - 40° C / - 40° F ). Corresponds to EN 1360.


'Camlock' stainless steel dust cap to EN 14420 - 7 for male adapters AVK with captive seal

Rail tanker unloading of petroleum based products

LTW hose assemblies, TW couplings

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

Sand casting


"Red Band" Rubber Expansion Joints; wastewater pump

Hose assemblies for LPG

DN 25, DN 32, DN 50 / with flange connection, ACME connection, NPT thread

Coloured hose assemblies for the forecourt

Slimline 21, M 21-1" NR

Container with refuelling equipment

Hose assemblies with DDC Dry Disconnect Couplings; Netherlands

Elaflex Tank + Pipe Fittings

Adapters / couplers for vehicles fighting dangerous goods incidents:

Adapters Foodstuff Couplings to DIN 11851 Female Rd 78 x 1/6 SS x VK 50 SS/Vi, Male Rd 78 x 1/6 SS/Vi x MK 50 SS/Vi

ERV-G Yellow Band rubber expansion joints, pumping system for oil emulsion

Elaflex AB, Sweden

HD 38 C, VX 38 - 11/2 Sn

Hose assembly for aircraft refuelling, fitting in contact with medium tin plated

SFX 50.16

hose flange; hose tail and swiveling flange of steel, Spannfix clams

ContiTech Production ERV

Testing UV resistance

Rail tanker discharge coupling KWK, with elbow DN 80

for damaged / dirty rail tanker or other threaded hose connections. Used e.g. for environmental protection trucks

Heating oil delivery: ZV 400 nozzle, HD reel hose

Connection DDC-M 100 with HD hose assembly to tanker

Ship bunkering from the road tanker

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG30

4-slot design to facilitate connection of the nozzle to the vehicle fill point. New nose piece design to reduce the released gas upon valve closure, incorporating improved gas release method to minimise the risk of splash back.

Oasis FV103 with NC203 P30, Light Duty Fill Valve and Transit Nozzle for CNG

TSG 3" Rg

tank truck sight glass type TSG 3", one end TW tank truck fl ange according to DIN 28459, other end male thread

RS 2 x 3 SS

Reducer Female/Male


"Orange Band" Rubber Expansion Joints for L.P. Gas, depot

Adapters / couplers for vehicles fighting dangerous goods incidents:

Adapter for Rail Tanker 51/2" connection KWZ SS/Vi x VK 50 SS/Vi

ZVA Slimline 2, SSB 16, Slimline 16 hose assemblies


Field refuelling

MKC+VKC, connection of two hose assemblies with TW couplings

DEC – Dry Evotek Couplings:

dry disconnect couplings for the chemical industry. • Low connecting forces even against pressure • Ergonomic handle (DN40 and bigger) • Good transmission ratio in the cam curve • Wide range of chemical resistance due to selection of high quality materials • Minimized spillage during decoupling