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MannTek FFVB 3" Ball Valve at tanker

RMX 32 SS / SS

Spannloc threaded hose coupling with foodstuff thread / Spannloc of stainless steel

ElaSil® Silicone hose assemblies

Connecting Triclamp

MC 75-3" Ms

Female hose coupling for hoses, brass, with Spannloc clamps

HB 19 ST tar spraying hose

KR 50 - 21/2"

Filling of Heating Oil Tanks: New Adapter for difficult-to-reach house connectors

Solvapal hose assemblies

Container cleaning

Locomotive refuelling

DDC-V Dry Disconnect Coupling (filler inlet of the locomotive), DDC-K cap

VSR vacuum support ring for ERV Rubber Expansion Joints

to increase vacuum resistance of a chosen ERV type. Open ring of stainless steel 1.4571

Universal hose assembly UTS 50 with VC 50 SS / SS

MB 100 Al

Dust cap for VK 100, aluminium

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG30

LPGas nozzle with Bayonet connection according to EN 12806 - 2003 for the filling of commercial and passenger Autogas vehicles as well as mobile and small stationary storage tanks with propane and butane. New : 4-slot design to facilitate connection of the nozzle to the vehicle fill point. New nose piece design to reduce the released gas upon valve closure, incorporating improved gas release method to minimise the risk of splash back.

ZVA Slimline 2, black, guard 3 - side/front view

Vergleich visibility aircraft refuelling hoses - below: "Yellow Band" standard, top: "NEON" new version with reflecting bands

LTW 100 hose assembly

with MC 100-51/2" Al


"Red Band" Rubber Expansion Joints/ Osmose

Rubber Expansion Joint ERV-R 80.16

RED BAND expansion joints for water, drinking water (approvalDVGW W 270 as well as ACS, conform to FDA), cold and warm waste water, seawater, cooling water, also with chemical additives for water treatment, low concentrated acids and alkalis, salt solutions, technical alcohols, esters and ketones. Can be used in oily athmospheric environments, e.g. engine rooms. Temperature (depending on medium) - 40° C up to + 100° C, temporarily up to + 120° C. Electrically dissipative.

Flexible bronze pipe connectors

Installed in suction pipe between dispenser and underground storage tank

MK 50 SS

TW female coupler, stainless steel

M 21-1" cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, reuasable. Slimline 21 hose, blue.

Sight Glasses for petrol station nozzles

SG 1" Al, SG-COAX, special types with Propeller

Mobile tank container; field refuelling aviation fuels

DAC Dry Aviation Coupling ISO 45; TW hose assembly

Hose assembly for petrol stations

Standard hose SL 16

Construction of Elaflex composite hoses type FWS

Sectioned view of a composite hose, denomination of the components (English)

Universal hose assembly for vehicles fighting dangerous goods incidents:

PTFE 50, length 5 mtr., assembled with MKX 50 SS/Vi SS, VKX 50 SS/Vi SS

Marine bunkering and cargo hoses

RAS military ship to ship transfer

ElaSil® Silicone hose assemblies DN 13-102

For for high media purity requirements, easy to clean. Suitable for Pharma, foodstuff and cosmetics industry.
Homogeneous hose construction of platinum cured, translucent and phtalate free Silicone (FDA / USP), resistant to kinking and highly flexible. Large temperature range -60° C to +200° C. Available as complete hose assembly with crimped fittings, DN 13 to 102. Here: DN 25 with Camlock Cam Locking Coupling and Triclamp connection.

Dispenser, ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR nozzles

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

Plettenberg factory 1

M 16-1" NR cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, factory assembled, non-reattacheable. Slimline 16 hose, yellow.