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M 16-1" NR cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, factory assembled, non-reattacheable. Slimline 16 hose, yellow.

ContiTech Production hose

Tank hose, removing mandrel

Oasis FV103 with NC203 P30, Light Duty Fill Valve and Transit Nozzle for CNG

M 21-1" cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, reuasable. Slimline 21 hose, green.

Quick Tester GR 92

for the simple Yes / No funcioning test of vapour recovery

DAC-V 65, DAC-M 65

Coupling test facility

Rail tanker unloading of petroleum based products

LTW hose assemblies, TW couplings

ZVF 50 AVGAS overwing refuelling

with HD-C hose assembly

Tank container filling coupling: MK 80-32 SS with VB 80 SS

MK 80-32° coupling with bent lever. For any application it should be checked that the lever can be arrested as shown even if there is tight space. Elaflex offers bent levers for all MK couplers.

ELAPAC FD 50 Oval flange seal

Hosebun® hose saddle 'HSB'

provides for a professional and material-protecting suspension of hose assemblies

MX 63-21/2" Ms

Female coupling for hoses, brass, with Spannfix clamp

ZV 500 DDC, ZVA 32 DDC, hose assembly with DDC-M coupling

Refuelling of construction site machines from the road tanker: only one hose reel, choose between two nozzles (ZV 500 for bulk, ZVA 32 automatic nozzle up to 200 l/min)


TW male hose coupling, stainless steel, one part, with Spannfix clamps, with protecting "K"-Ring

AdBlue urea solution, Filling service station UST from road tanker:

DDC-M 50 Dry Disconnect Coupling, UTL 50 hose assembly

Cargo loading of ship - various media

FWS composite hoses

FWS composite hose / hose assembly

Type FWS PTFE with male threaded fitting VPH-SS

Helicopter refuelling winter / Canada

ZVF 50, HD 50 C NEON

M 16-1" NR cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, factory assembled, non-reattacheable. Slimline 16 hose, green.

MK-A 80 SS, TW female coupler with Active Safeguard Lever, VB 80 SS

Pull slider to unlock

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG30

LPGas nozzle with Bayonet connection according to EN 12806 - 2003 for the filling of commercial and passenger Autogas vehicles as well as mobile and small stationary storage tanks with propane and butane. New : 4-slot design to facilitate connection of the nozzle to the vehicle fill point. New nose piece design to reduce the released gas upon valve closure, incorporating improved gas release method to minimise the risk of splash back.

ZVA Slimline 2 / ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Petrol station nozzles with (top) and without vapour recovery (below)

Functioning principle of MannTek DDC Dry Disconnect Couplings

closed - open

Tank storage, mixer: LTW hose assemblies

Underwing refuelling, HD-C hose assembly

ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR, special colour light green

oasis TH Tank Head Valves, CNG trailer

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

Plettenberg factory 2

Adapter: DDC-M x DDC-V

'Defence' varnish

Elaflon PTFE 25