Section 5: Nozzles + Spare Parts

Quality by Design for the Forecourt ...

If you are a motorist it is very likely that you already had in hand one of our products: the internationally renown automatic nozzle ZVA for service stations.

Oil companies, original equipment manufacturers and service companies favour user-friendly, durable and innovative nozzles with high flow rates.

Due to its modular system all major parts can be replaced. ZVA are suitable for every petrol dispenser, every hose and every vehicle filler neck. Additional retrofitting in the field is trouble free. 

The modular construction method of the ZVA enables economical maintenance and repair work. Simple repairs can be done on-site by service company personnel. In the workshop, the ZVA nozzle can be stripped down and put back together in minutes. With one or two intermittend repairs, a ZVA will regularly reach a service life of ten years and more. 

These factors result in the fact that our nozzles - inspite of their cost price level being above the average - show the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our customers. In this calculation also our Slimline standard dispensing hoses, COAX dispensing hoses and accessories like Safety Breaks and Sight Glasses can be included. 

Besides our most important nozzles, ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR, you will find the following forecourt nozzles and components in catalogue section 5 : 

  • COAX hose assemblies for active vapour recovery
  • Product Badges EK 145 ( try our new BadgeSelector for a quick choice! )
  • ZVA 25, HiFlo for truck refuelling
  • ZVA Slimline AdBlue for the filling of trucks with urea solution (DEF, ARLA 32, AUS 32)
  • ZVG and GasGuard nozzles for Autogas LPG

... and for many other applications.

Alle fluid and gaseous media can be dispensed by a nozzle. 

Elaflex offers suitable nozzles for most industrial applications: heating oil, lubricating oil, chemicals, foodstuffs, alcohols, L.P. Gas :

  • ZVA 32, HiFlo automatic nozzle, up to 200 l/min
  • ZVA Slimline 2, ZVA 25, ZVA 32 in special versions for aircraft refuelling
  • ZVF 25 and ZVF 40 (new: ZVF 50), non automatic, for aircraft refuelling
  • ZVA Slimline, ZVA 25 for chemicals, solvents and foodstuffs/alcohols, ZVA 25 GR also with vapour recovery, for solvents
  • ZV 19, ZV 25 - non automatic, for flowrates up to 140 l/min
  • ZV 400, ZV 500, ZH 50: manual HiFlo nozzles up to 750 l/min, for road tanker delivery with heating oil, Diesel etc.; special versions of ZV 400/500 or chemicals and solvents